Dashboard User Experience for IT Directors

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Helping IT Directors Understand Service Disruption

Large IT departments manage a collection of seemingly disconnected services; when a server goes down the impact can be difficult to track. As a result, service desk tickets increase and people can’t use critical systems. I collaborated with a user researcher to understand how an existing dashboard failed to serve IT Directors during this scenario. My task was to take insights from a research study to reimagine the dashboard experience.

Desktop and Mobile Features
Used a style guide to create features for desktop and mobile

Working with Design Principles

After a vigorous whiteboarding session, I had a massive set of feature concepts that I needed to translate into a design. To narrow down the ideas, I created two design principles that referenced actual user goals. These helped me select the best solutions to present to the client-side product manager.

Feature Concepts
All my work referenced these overarching themes
Feature Concepts
Complex functionality shown on a macro level
Feature Concepts
More conceptual design work
Mobile Notification
Know when to send a notification

Developing a Mobile Strategy

There wasn’t much information about how people would use the product on mobile, so I looked at IT Directors' workflow. Their process wasn't linear and their context changed a lot as they resolved an issue. The mobile experience (see below) had to complement the data-rich desktop application rather than giving people the same experience on every device.

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