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Show the right service offer without exposing complex business rules.


Ask the right questions to understand the logic behind national and regional service offers. Create scenarios that focus on the most important aspects of the user experience. Prototype the solution and present it to technology, marketing and business stakeholders.

Axure Prototype
Process is fun, right?

Scenario: Location Known

A happy Toyota owner stumbles upon an advertisement for 15% off their 30,000 mile service. The subsequent landing page shows more information, the nearest dealer and an option to schedule the check-up. This simple interaction requires some behind-the-scenes voodoo to ensure a seamless experience. If the offer isn’t available in the car owner's area — sometimes dealers don’t participate in national offers — then serve up a regional variation. And don’t prompt people for their location if the ad unit passes location data to the landing page. I communicated this scenario with a series of user flows and a responsive prototype.

Scenario: Location Known
Visualizing the scenario
Axure Prototype
Responsive prototype
Visual Design
Visual design applied

Scenario: Location Unknown

Sometimes web browsers do funny things so capturing location from an ad unit isn’t guaranteed. Organic traffic, in addition to refferal traffic, also views the Service Centers landing page. After discussing the existing site patterns with the Team UX Lead, we decided that a generic national offer, along with a zip code field, would best accommodate the lack of location information. Car owners still see something, which gives them a reason to enter their zip code on the page. This system-level thinking tempered my temptation to start creating screens without truly understanding the problem.

Scenario: Location Known
Decision tree diagram
Axure Prototype
Service offer detail page

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